What is The Best Part-Time Job for Foreigners in Japan?

This is a question many people probably ask after diving into the sea of job offers on the market. There are many different options for everyone, depending on what kind of job you are looking for.

The quickest ones to find are factory jobs where you don’t need to have a high level of Japanese language knowledge in order to work, however you won’t have a high chance of improving your language ability or learning about Japanese culture. It’s also mostly hard labor.
One of the easiest kinds of jobs is event staffing, where you don’t initially need a high level of Japanese either, but it’s temporary work and you never know when you will have your next opportunity to earn money.
The most rewarding job for some people might be translating and interpreting, but there is a small number of offers on the market and they require a high level of Japanese language knowledge with some previous experience as well.

So what is the best part-time job for foreigners in Japan?

Our answer would definitely be Lawson Staff.

Lawson Staff is an official group company of Lawson that provides temporary staffing (派遣) for shifts that Lawson franchise stores cannot fill. Whenever there is a sudden occurrence – someone gets sick, has to attend some kind of important event like a funeral, or there are just not enough people working in a certain store – we are there to support convenience store owners with Lawson Staff members who are ready and willing to help. Our main goal is to help people in trouble, and this would not be possible without our staff – our Heroes.

Lawson Staff consists of both Japanese and foreign individuals – in bigger areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, approximately half of our temporary staff members are international people, making up roughly 15~20% of our employees in total all over Japan. If you are interested in what some of them had to say about our company, you can find their stories here.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think Lawson Staff is the best part-time job for foreigners:


  • Higher hourly wages than usual convenience store work
  • Work wherever you want – lots of different work location choices from Hokkaido to Okinawa 
  • Work whenever you want – total freedom over your own working schedule
  • 30 hours of paid training where you get to learn everything from Japanese manners and language to each and every task you have to perform in a convenience store
  • A work community consisting of both Japanese and international people where everyone can help each other


What are the requirements to join us?

To apply to Lawson Staff, you don’t need any kind of previous work experience or qualification, since we will teach you everything. However, having a Japanese residence card and a JLPT N3 level Japanese language knowledge is a must.


Did we manage to catch your interest?

Click here to see the registration flow or hit the “Apply” button below to become a Hero of Lawson Staff!